Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Book Cake Tag

I have no idea where this tag started, but I love books, and I love cake, so this seems like a good idea.

Book Cake

Flour: A book that is slow to start off but really picked up as you went along

Snow Falling on Cedars starts off talking about fishing boats. Yawn. The pacing is slow all the way through, but when a corpse gets dredged up, things get much more interesting.

Butter: A book that has a rich plot

I just realized that I don’t read many plot-heavy books. Characters are more important to me. The Love Interest is pretty plot-oriented, though. Who will win the battle of the sexy boys in this satirical YA novel?

Eggs: A book you thought would be bad but turned out to be enjoyable

Why would I read a book I thought would be bad? This question makes no sense. I was skeptical about Most Dangerous because the cover looks serious, and the synopsis makes the book sound educational. It is educational. Educational and brilliant. A must-read for anyone interested in American politics.

Sugar: A very sweet book

"Sweet" isn't a word that can be used to describe the books I read. The sweetest I've read this year would probably be The Upside of Unrequited. Nerd-on-nerd love, people. It’s so adorable it makes me gag.

Chocolate filling: A character with hidden layers

Griff has some secrets . . .

Baking time: A book with a slow-burn romance

Will they get together? Won’t they? Will they ever stop acting like angsty idiots and talk to each other? The world needs to know!

Icing: A book that covers every element you enjoy in a book

Small towns, quirky kids, strange religions, blogs. It needed more snakes. For a book called The Serpent King, it has a depressingly small number of snakes. You’d think the king of serpents would rule a whole kingdom of snakes.

Sprinkles: A book series you can turn to for a pick-me-up

Let’s be real: The answer to this is Harry Potter, but that’s a boring answer. I’m going to say Shades of Magic, even though I still haven’t read the third one. I have a thing for deadly parallel universes.

Cherry on top: Your favorite book of the year so far

I hate cherries, but Most Dangerous for the win!

Do you want to do this tag? Consider yourself tagged.


  1. History is All You Left Me is a book I need to read ASAP and every time I see it, I'm reminded of the fact I've not read it yet and need to. Great tag!

  2. I need to get my hands on The Love Interest - it sounds like it could be fun! :)

  3. I consider myself tagged! haha. Have a couple of other tags planned, but I like this one aswell and want to do it.
    You've read great books! I've heard great things about V.E. Schwab books.

  4. I tagged myself!! I thought this book Tag was too cute. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Reading a book while eating cake is one of life's greatest things! I would've thought the Serpant King would have had lots of snakes in it...false advertising! I've just put my version up today. Fun tag!