Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Qualities Of A Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is all about romance tropes. The problem is that I don’t read books where romance is the focus. I decided to rebel against the prompt and do my own thing.

Let’s pretend that I’m the type of person who gets crushes on book characters. Here are some qualities that my book boyfriend must possess.

Necessary Qualities of a Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend

1. Loyal: No love triangles, please. I won’t put up with that nonsense. My book boyfriend will be mature enough to make up his mind about who he wants to date.

2. Honest: None of that “I can’t tell you what’s going on. It’ll put you in danger.” I’ve read enough books to know that not telling people about dangerous stuff puts them in more danger.

3. Kind: No jerky, sulking, borderline abusive bad boys. Those are never fun, no matter what books say.

4. A sense of humor: You’ll need one of these to put up with the idiotic situations I sometimes find myself in. Humor is basically a survival skill.

5. Calm: I’m neurotic. If I’m around other neurotic people, I get more neurotic. Then life becomes a death-spiral of craziness that ends with somebody crying and eating nachos by the handful. It’s not a pretty sight, book boyfriend. Be calm.

6. Not impulsive: Books have taught me that thinking before acting can prevent a lot of future problems.


7. Adventurous: I want to see the world. No couch potatoes. Also, it would be nice if book boyfriend knew how to travel back in time. Or to alternate universes. Basically, I want to be the ultimate tourist.

8. Obscenely rich: This is my fantasy, right? In my fantasy, I’m a wealthy philanthropist. I wander around wearing a sparkly gown and throwing money at strangers. (That’s what philanthropists do, right? I’ve never actually met one.)

9. Book lover: If we both like to read, we’ll have more to talk about. Fewer awkward silences is a win for everybody! Also, if book boyfriend lives inside a book, shouldn't he care about books? Isn't that like caring about the environment?

10. Possesses magical powers: Wouldn’t it be awesome if your significant other could cook dinner or clean the house by waving a wand? Yeah, I want that.

What qualities would your ideal book boyfriend/girlfriend have?


  1. Ha love this!! I agree to all. That pizza meme is so on point - and made me hungry :)

  2. It is 10 am and I want to eat pizza now! Thanks! hahaha
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  3. I have a feeling that I would be dumb/curious enough to test out the taser theory. When I did airport security I confiscated pepper spray from a passenger (it's illegal in the UK) and set off a blast in my house to see what it was like. Not a smart idea! It was agony!

  4. Great list! Lmao at that meme about pizza being the only triangle I want...so true! (that and Toblerone) xD

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  5. Pizza lol. I don't ever get love triangles. And yes I'm SO tired of "I can't tell you because it's dangerous." Does that even make sense?? This list is all good. :)

  6. Love it. I'm so with you on all of these. I don't want a bad boy either - someone who is kind and loyal is always going to beat that for me. But yes, someone with magic powers would be GREAT.


  7. AAH,I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH! It is SUCH a great idea.

    BookLover and Loyal would DEFINITELY be on my lost too! Lovely post!

    Aditi @ http://athousandwordsamillionbooks.blogspot.in/

  8. Great list!
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  9. I love this!!! Love triangles are not fun. I was in one...once, a long time ago, and it was more trouble than it's worth. lol

  10. Yes! A time traveling rich guy who loves book and is loyal. Sounds perfect.

  11. Hehehe I love this list! I wouldn't necessarily need him to be a bookworm, but rich wouldn't hurt because then he could buy me all the books I could possibly want. But loyal, kind and calm sounds like some good elements to me.

  12. Honesty for sure! I can't stand those 'I'm not telling you something to protect you!' storylines, or when you end up having ridiculous misunderstandings in books because one person didn't tell another some vital information for apparently no reason at all.
    Great post! :)