About Me

My name is Aj (Ashley). I live in the flat part of Colorado with my dogs. I have a B.A. in English literature from the University of Colorado Denver and a publishing certificate from Western State Colorado University. Right now, I’m a student in the writing for children and young adults M.F.A. program at Spalding University. I hope to become an editor and maybe start my own publishing company.

Other than reading, writing, and reviewing books, I enjoy traveling and doing outdoorsy things. I love to hike, bike, camp, and cross-country ski. I’m also a huge hockey fan.

Five Bookish Facts About Me

1. The first “grown-up” book I ever read was Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers. I was 11 years old when I read it, and it changed everything.

Me, when I was 11.

2. My favorite author is currently Margaret Atwood.

3. At one point, I owned over 100 books about cults. Yes, I read them all. Yes, I would like to read more, if you have any recommendations.

4. I can listen to music while writing, but I need silence to read.

5. A book has never made me cry (no, not even The Fault In Our Stars).

Random Pictures

Camping + Dogs + Margaret Atwood book = Best Day Ever
Wrestling the wildlife in Florida.
The dogs.
The flat part of Colorado


  1. I don't think I ever cried with a book either! :) I did cry with the The Fault In Our Stars movie :) First blogger I meet that wants to be an editor and start her own publishing company. That is AMAZING! I hope you do!

  2. I just read your about me section and can't believe a book has never made you cry. My daughter was reading where "Where the Red Fern Grows" for school and I picked it up to read while she was downstairs with friends. I was sitting in the kitchen crying when she came up to ask for snacks. She just looked at me grabbed a bag of chips and went back down without saying a word. She knows me! LOL

  3. Hi AJ! I'm hosting an Anne of Green Gables Read Along starting this month. I'd love to have you join! Here's the info post: https://greenishbookshelf.com/2017/05/01/announcing-the-anne-of-green-gables-read-along-2017/ :)


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