Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Currently . . .

Here’s what I’ve been up to in December.

I’m Currently . . .

Reading: Going Bovine by Libba Bray.

Watching: I haven’t had much time for TV because I’ve been busy with the Giant Essay From Hell and other projects. I did watch season 1 of The Great Holiday Baking Show. I don’t think I’ve watched anything else recently.

Stalking: I’ve been terrible about leaving comments on blogs in the past few weeks, but lately I’ve been stalking Lunar Rainbows Reviews. Micheline seems to love Harry Potter as much as I do, and she reviews a lot of fantasy. Fantasy is a genre that I want to know more about because it’s outside of my reading comfort zone. 

Planning: Bookish New Year’s resolutions. I’ll be talking about these in next week’s blog posts. Basically, I want to expand my bookish comfort zone and read a larger variety of genres, especially nonfiction and translations. I’d love recommendations for books in those genres if you have any.

Making: Does the Giant Essay From Hell fit into the “Making” category? I can’t think of anything else I’ve been making lately. Oh, I’ve been making excuses to not work on the Giant Essay From Hell. Do excuses go in this category?

Stocking up on: Dog toys. My dogs destroy their toys, so they get new ones when toys go on sale during the holidays.

Wishing for: 2016 to go smoothly. I really want to finish my master’s degree next year.

Enjoying: Writing my 2015 wrap-up posts. It’s interesting to analyze my own reading habits and decide what I want to change.

Trying: I tried turmeric tea. I don’t recommend it.

Eating: Christmas cookies. I have to go on a diet in January, so I’m trying to eat as many as possible. I don’t want cookies sitting around the house, tempting me to eat them.

Goal setting: Well, eating fewer cookies would probably be a good goal. I also need to finish reading all of the Printz Award winners before the next winner is announced. The Giant Essay From Hell needs to be completed. Those are my main goals.

Learning: To be proactive. Some things won’t change unless I change them. 

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