Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Get To Know Me Tag

I’ve seen this tag going around and took the liberty of tagging myself. Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to do a bunch of stupid Internet quizzes. Who doesn’t like those?

Get To Know Me

What is the meaning of your name?

Now you know what the “A” in “Aj” means. Sorry to the eight quadrillion other Ashleys in the world, but I kinda really hate my name. When I was a kid, the town I lived in was so small that we needed to combine classes at school. In my combined 1st and 2nd grade class, there were 12 students. Four of them were named Ashley. Who wants to be part of a domesticated Ashley herd? Not me.

What is your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

I’ve had to take this test a bunch of times for school/work/doctor reasons. I guess people put a lot of faith in it. Every time I’ve taken the test, I’ve gotten ISTJ. I like to believe I’m more creative and rebellious than the test gives me credit for, but it’s pretty accurate:

Basically, if you’re not a dumbass, we’ll get along swimmingly.

Some famous real-life ISTJs: Angela Merkel, George Washington, Condoleeza Rice, George H.W. Bush.

Some fictional ISTJs: Eddard Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Hermione Granger.

What is your zodiac sign? 

My birthday is two days from now, so according to the first website that came up on Google, I’m a Pisces.

I laughed pretty hard when I saw this. I’m probably the least sentimental person ever.

What Hogwarts house would you be in? 

What are your learning styles? 

The VARK questionnaire says these are my learning styles:

I guess this is expected. Reading and writing are what I do, so it’s not surprising that I learn from books.

Are you more of a left-brain or right-brain person? 

Is this quiz real science? It doesn’t seem like it. The quiz asked me to touch my head, and then it asked which hand I used to touch my head. Obviously, I used the hand that wasn’t clicking the mouse to take the quiz. I don’t have much faith in this one.

What is your blood type?

No idea. There isn’t an Internet quiz for that. Do most people know their blood type? How do you find out? I guess it's not important because if I’m ever bleeding to death, I’ll be too freaked out (or too unconscious) to remember my type.

What career are you meant to be in? 

According to this quiz, I’m supposed to be a writer. Does that mean that professional dog petter isn’t a real career? I’m pretty sure I’m meant to pet dogs. I’ll also pet other animals. I’m versatile like that.

Which Divergent faction do you belong in? 

The factions quiz says I belong in Candor. Here’s my candid opinion on Divergent: I don’t understand the hype.

What does your birth order say about you? 

I’m a middle child. The description on this website is fairly accurate, but I’ve never had many friends. I’ve always been a loner. Also, is this real science?

Do you want to do this tag? Consider yourself tagged.


  1. I really like this tag, I would have never known that Ashley comes from "ash tree." Very very interesting. AND YES RAVENCLAW REPRESENT!!

    I feel like I don't know too many people who are Reading/Writing learners, but it makes sense for us readers!

  2. That is a very high Ashley ratio!! I think you are right about that left brain right brain quiz!

  3. Love it! I did not know your name was Ashley. AJ is better. ;)

  4. I love this! I am considering myself tagged! I am excited to see where I fall. Fingers crossed for Ravenclaw!

  5. This is SO fun! I love it! I don't know all of these, but I am definitely going to take the quizzes and find out. I love that you don't know your blood type because there is no internet quiz bwhaha. Also, same ;) I took the Harry Potter house thing and I am definitely a Hufflepuff. I don't even know HP, and I knew that much hah. I would NEVER have guessed that your name was Ashley! AJ suits you better :D And I ALWAYS get different results on that damn personality test! Drives me crazy. But today I got ENFP. WHo knows. I belong in Erudite according to the quiz. Eh. And apparently I am supposed to be a writer too. But I think that is just because I want to stay at home and eat cookies ;)

  6. Fun tag - who doesn't love an online quiz! I recently did the Myers Briggs for the first time and was categorised as an ISFJ. I was surprised by how accurate to my personality it was. I totally see why you go by AJ as opposed to Ashley! It does seem to be a super common name.

  7. Love this.. I cant stop laughing. LOL
    Great post. Thank you for sharing. :)

  8. Fun! Can I be a professional dog petter? Where do I sign up? I have lots of references :) I am sorry you don't like your name. I used to hate being the only Carole my age and my mom spelled it wrong to top it off. I don't mind so much anymore but I still think she spelled it wrong.

  9. Ahh I like these kind of tags! I doubt there's much real science here, but it's fun right?! :P I loved your comment on Candor/Divergent hahahha. Cracked up there!😂 I also don't like my name, ugh...I mean, it's one of the most common names ever and I can't ever seem to get away from other Caits/Caitlins/Katylins/Kaitlins and the 394839 other spelling variations. Plus NO ONE can ever spell my name right. I just let people call me Kate half the time.😂

  10. Basically, if you’re not a dumbass, we’ll get along swimmingly.

    Love that lol

    Carrie @ The Butterfly Reader

  11. Too many time consuming tests for me to take to do this tag I'm afraid but I enjoyed your answers!

  12. Ooh, this is a fun tag, I might try my hand at it! In some cultures (particularly in Korea) it's traditionally believed that your blood type can impact your personality - I remember my students being baffled that I didn't know my blood type!

  13. I was just reading an article on NPR that suggested both left/right brain and learning styles are essentially BS. I think all of it, from star signs to Meyers Briggs can be interesting in that it will highlight things for you to consider about yourself.

    I also find it funny that I'm essentially your M-B opposite: INFP. The "I" part is why we're both readers and writers, I guess!