Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Books With Fancy Hats On The Cover

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Every time I think I've created the stupidest blog post ever, I raise the bar and come up with something even stupider. Today, I'm going to show you a bunch of books with fancy hats on the covers. I know you're all desperate to see the hats, but first I have three observations.

Observation #1: We're defining "fancy hat" very loosely. Some of these items are not fancy or hats. However, "Book Covers With People With Things On Their Heads" is not a compelling blog post title.

Observation #2: Historical fiction book covers are not historically accurate. I thought it would be easy to find historical fiction with fancy hats. It's not! All the characters are strolling down the street—in public—without their fancy hats. What is this nonsense?

Observation #3: A lot of book covers only show the characters from the neck down. Why are there so many decapitated people on book covers? In my mind, all of these people are wearing fancy hats, but since I have no evidence of the hats, they're not in this post. We have to be scientific here.

Okay. That's it. Here are some hats (and hat-adjacent items) on book covers.

👒  Books With Fancy Hats  🎩

A white woman with blue eyes peeks out from behind a red curtain. She is crying blood. On her head is a thick red headband.

Yellow background with a silhouette of a woman's head. Her hair is wrapped in a colorful scarf.

A black chair pushed against a gray wall. A straw hat hangs off the back of the chair.

Silhouette of a woman's head against an orange background. Her hair is covered with gold baubles and white beads.

Vintage black and white photo of a young white woman sitting at a fancy dinner table. She's wearing a large, shiny, cone-shaped hat.

A young Black man wearing a top his is mostly hidden behind candles and smoke.

Close-up of a Black woman's face on a black background. Her hair is wrapped in a scarf. She's wearing sunglasses that reflect a hand holding a knife.

Close-up of a stained and battered campaign hat on a brown background.

A teen girl holds a camera over her face as she steps out of frame. She's wearing a white shirt and black pants. Her head is covered by a black scarf that hangs down to her waist.

A young Asian woman stands against a blue wall. She wears a white dress and a large pink hat with white feathers and ribbons.

Illustration of a woman in a red dress against a black background. A triangle-shaped white hat covers her whole head.

Brown chair against an orange background. A crow and a top hat sit on the back of the chair.

Black and white photo of a man at night. He's wearing a suit and a fedora.

Illustration of a Korean girl with a book over her head. The book is protecting her from eggs falling from the sky.

Can you think of a book with a fancy hat on the cover?

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  1. So true about heads being "cut off" on historical fiction covers!

  2. Hat-adjacent... I love it. :) The Handmaid's Tale has such an iconic cover.

  3. Ooh, fun idea! Yeah, it’s weird how many heads are not included in historical fiction. I wonder why that is?

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  4. I can't lie - I LOVE THIS TOPIC! :D

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  5. I like this topic! And yes about #3. what is up with that? Anyway Ranger Confidential looks good. After seeing some of your stories I imagine that would be very interesting lol

  6. I like your topic better than the animal one. I was pretty uninspired this week. The hat on the lady in waiting is hilarious. Can you imagine wearing it?

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  7. Aaaah AJ! You sure made my smile now! LOL!!! Love the hats and all your observations!

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  8. Ha ha this topic and your observations made me smile!
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  9. Hmmm...now I'm trying to think of cozy mysteries with hats on the cover. I'll be on the lookout! :)

  10. Well, just 'cause...you now need to read Jon Klassen's masterpiece, I Want My Hat Back, I think.

  11. I love this topic! So unique and really cool examples.

  12. Fun! Not sure I could find that many hats on my covers, but I did read two of these (Breakable Things, Saints & Misfits)

  13. Fun topic! The first book with a hat on the cover that popped into my head was The Cat in the Hat. :)

  14. Gail Carriger has a character who loves outlandish hats in her Parasol Protectorate universe but I don't think she ever graced any of the covers. But all of the books from her Soulless series do have women wearing very fashionable hats. I follow Ms. Carriger on social media and she will occasionally find historical drawings of ridiculous hats and share them as examples of what her hat-obsessed character would wear. They always make me laugh. Fun post!

  15. Girl, Woman, Other has been on my tbr for a while. Thanks for the reminder to read this. Happy reading! My TTT https://readwithstefani.com/books-with-animals/

  16. Kaikeyi is beautiful looking. I have a copy but haven't read it yet.

  17. Oh yes, and Very Good Hats, picture book, by (usually adult) author Emma Straub.

  18. Your three things made me LOL, I love it! Not stupid at all. Thanks for sharing, and for the laugh.

  19. LOL, this is so much fun! I think the hat for Lady in Waiting wins. :) The only hat books I'm coming up with off the top of my head are children's books -- Caps for Sale and Go Dog Go (both family favorites).

  20. This is hilarious! I never would have thought to look for covers with fancy hats on them. ;D

  21. "In my mind, all of these people are wearing fancy hats, but since I have no evidence of the hats, they're not in this post." It's Schrodinger's hat! *badum tss* Lol I love how specific this topic is, and you did find some nice hats!

  22. What a fun theme, my favorite is The Downstairs Girl, very elegant and is a good book

  23. The best part of this post is definitely your funny intro. Not sure why you didn't call this "Book Covers With People With Things On Their Heads" - so catchy! LOL!