Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Wrap-Up: February 2020

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February Snapshots

1. The blog looks different! (And so does my Pinterest account.) In February, my blog and my Pinterest account both got makeovers. I was tired of everything being gray. Now my blog has several colors! And my Pinterest is very bright and cheerful.

Why are blog makeovers so stressful? I spent several days obsessing over the color of the sidebar. I’m pretty sure it’s part of the template. I can’t figure out how to change it. Also, the color looks different on each of my computers, so I don’t even know what color it is! It looks nasty on my current computer, but I can’t change it, so the sidebar will stay the color of Gollum's soggy skin. That’s just how things are going to be.

2. My small human is ONE? Two days after Valentine’s Day, baby Brooklyn turned one. I can’t believe we’ve had her for a whole year. How have we accumulated so much baby junk in a year? THERE’S BABY STUFF EVERYWHERE! If I ever stop blogging, it’s because I suffocated under an avalanche of stuffed animals with creepily oversized eyeballs. How did all of these creatures get into my house?

Anyway, we spent Brooklyn’s birthday eating tie-dye cake and taking photos. One-year-olds are not the most patient photography subjects. They tend to steal the props and run.

(That’s an “I Voted” sticker on her back. Me and Brooklyn did a democracy and voted for one of the ladies in the primaries. We’re responsible citizens.)

3. Oh, now I remember why I hate this. In February, I decided that I’m going to get healthy. I started tracking my exercise and calories with the Lose It! app. I jogged in the snow as often as possible and finished a 30-day yoga challenge. I’m very hungry and very sore. Now I remember why I love cookies and the couch. Being healthy is painful.

Wayward Googlers

Here are a few amusing Google searches that led people to Read All The Things! last month. I’m sorry to the unfortunate souls who ended up here instead of finding what they were Googling for.

“when did lamar giles die?” I’m pleased to report that he’s still alive. 
“Example of a metaphor.” When you’re on a diet, nachos are forbidden mountains of happiness. 
“Where are Jessica and Greg.” Stop asking me that! I swear I didn’t kill them! 
“a useless mythical creature.” Hahaha, I wrote a whole blog post about this. 
“aj, for the love of diversity!” This is what Book Twitter screams when I steal its snacks and run for the hills. 
“dys topic books” I have a post about this too.

Books I Read

In February, I finished 7 books and gave up on 1. I don’t have the necessary brain power for Americanah right now. I might try it on audio.

Best Books Of February

Most-Viewed February Posts

February Bestsellers

Here are the books that people bought on Amazon or Book Depository last month after seeing them on Read All The Things! (Don’t worry, the link-tracking robots only tell me which books people are buying, not who is buying them. That would be creepy.)

All The Things!

Number of unread books on my TBR shelf = 60 books

I’m currently reading = Son by Lois Lowry

What did you do in February?


  1. Omg I love that picture of Brooklyn...she got what she wanted and is OUT.

  2. Kudos to Brooklyn for being a responsible citizen and voting. You’re a good influence on her, obviously. :)

  3. Yay! Happy birthday Brooklyn. She's so adorable and what a cake. You read some great books in February. I need to get to Evelyn Hugo because I don't think I've heard ANYTHING negative about it. Hope you have a wonderful March!

  4. Hurray for color! I love the new look! Jogging in the snow is dedication for sure. I remember those cold days when I lived somewhere less Florida. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH JESSICA AND GREG??

  5. Aw, happy birthday to Brooklyn. Love that photo - and yay for voting! ;)

    I'm enjoying your new blog makeover!


  6. Happy birthday, Brooklyn and what a neat birthday cake. I remember being in SF when my daughter (who turns 22 this week) was about a year old and I brought her a tie-died shirt back.

  7. What a cute picture of your niece. She is adorable. Those google searches are quite funny. And, gold star for you getting healthy. It's good to do it while you're young, because it's really hard when you're old like me

  8. Aww, glad Brooklyn had a fun birthday! That cake looks amazing! Taking pictures of children is HARD! They move too quickly.

  9. Aww! What a cutie!! I am so glad to find out that you enjoyed The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo! I have been wanting to read that one forever! Have a wonderful March! :)

  10. I do intend to read the Suzanne Collins book at some point. I hope it's good and then we might get a few more prequels. I'm not a fan of 'healthy'-healthy food tastes like cardboard, exercise hurts...but I am trying to make every vegetable into soup using my trusty blender! That gets healthy veg into my diet!

  11. Happy birthday to Brooklyn!
    Also, happy to hear you enjoyed Evelyn Hugo!
    Hope you'll have a great March :)

  12. I have just finished Evelyne Hugo today!!

  13. I'll be very interested to see what you think about Son. I was let down after loving the other The Giver books. 📚

    Happy birthday, Brooklyn! 🎂

    You can customize the colors on Blogger if you don't like the theme palette. I think the sidebar background is in the layout advanced changes section. I used to change mine all the time when I had a sidebar. 👍✨

  14. Happy First Birthday to baby Brooklyn! She looks adorable! I agree it is stressful but I looove changing my blog's appearance. I try to do it once a year only now LOL

  15. First of all, I really like your new look! I think you were able to keep the original feel of the blog while spicing it up and making it more fun. :) Brooklyn is so adorable, and THAT CAKE is kind of everything, I do hope it tasted as good as it looks, haha. I'm very much looking forward to reading the Nevermoor series, so I'm glad to see book 2 highlighted here. And oh, I love Evelyn, so it always makes me happy when others do too.

    Hope you're having a fabulous March! :)

  16. Ahhh I love the new look, it looks so great!! It always feels nice to get a little make-over every now and then :D
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brooklyn, she's so adorable. <3 <3
    I'm so happy you enjoyed Evelyn Hugo, it's such a stunning read!
    I wish you a beautiful March! <3

  17. Brooklyn looks a sweetheart! I love that pic:). I know what you mean about exercising - our Pilates and Fitstep teacher has been away for a 3 week break and I've done NOTHING in the interim, so I shall be starting from scratch... again! More aching muscles and exhaustion... Hope March is a good month for you.

  18. That is one tasty-looking birthday cake!! And Brooklyn is adorable :)
    Good for you that you are trying to be healthy! It definitely hurts, and you're hungry all. the. time. But I guess it's for a good cause?
    I haven't read any of the books, but I hear a lot of good things about Evelyn Hugo. Hope you have a great March with lots of fun books again! :)

  19. I love your new blog header! I agree that blog makeovers are stressful. I've been trying to figure out how to reprogram my blog to allow for a full-width header, so I can update it with a beautiful header a friend created for me.

    Happy birthday to Brooklyn! She's adorable.

    It was fun to see what Google searches led people to your blog.

    February has been crazy with student life, but I did read some adorable MG books.

  20. Ahh happy second birthday to the little one! Must be amazing ;) Yay for doing the healthy and fitness things. And I am LOVING the new blog look - it looks so beautiful <3 I am so happy you loved the seven husbands of evelyn hugo as well. Americanah does take a lot of work. I would recommend the audiobook instead.