Thursday, August 27, 2015

Liebster Award

I was tagged by a ton of people to do the Liebster Award. I have to answer the 11 questions that were given to me and then ask 11 new questions. At the time I’m writing this post (which is early August), Hazel @ Hazy Reads is the most recent person to tag me. I’m going to answer her questions. Thank you to everybody who tagged me.

1. What was the last book you read?

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.

2. If you could have any bookish job – librarian, writer, illustrator, agent, etc. – what would it be and why?

I would love to be an editor or start my own publishing company. Being an author or a professional book reviewer would be awesome, too.

3. Which author would you most like to meet?

Stephen King. If I did meet him, I’d be so freaked out that I wouldn’t be able to speak in coherent sentences, but I’d want to thank him for existing. I probably wouldn’t love reading or be a book blogger if I hadn’t discovered his work when I was a kid.

4. What made you start blogging?

There aren’t many people in my real life who like to read. Book blogging is a way for me to connect with my “tribe.” Also, I really enjoy writing reviews. They force me to slow down and think about what I read instead of just flying through books as fast as possible.

5. Do you take part in social networks? Which is your favourite?

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, G+, BookLikes, and Goodreads. Goodreads is my favorite because books.

6. What book have you recommended to the most people?

The MaddAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood. I’ve recommended it so many times that I feel like I could just walk up to random strangers on the street and start talking about it.

7. What is your current favourite TV series?

This is hard because I don’t watch a lot of TV. The only shows that I watch regularly are Survivor and The Amazing Race. I really like The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, and South Park. I also tend to watch a lot of Gordon Ramsey’s shows, even though I hate cooking.

8. What are your must-read blogs?

9. What’s your favourite season and why?

Autumn. Because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold.

10. Do you have any pets?

Yep, these weirdos.

11. What is the next book you are dying to read?

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes.


Now I have to ask a bunch of questions for you to answer. I don’t know who has already done this tag, so I’m going to tag everybody. If you want to answer my questions, leave a link in the comments so I can check out your answers.

1. What are your favorite blogs?

2. What is the next book you plan to read?

3. If you had to get a book quote tattooed on your body, what quote would it be?

4. What is the last book that you really, really loved?

5. What’s the story behind your blog’s title?

6. What is the best blog post you’ve ever written?

7. Who is your favorite fictional villain?

8. Who is your most-owned author, and how many books by that author do you own?

9. Did you like to read when you were a kid? If you did, what was your favorite book?

10. If you could live in any fictional world, what world would it be?

11. What hobbies do you have besides reading/blogging?


  1. Autumn is the best time of the year. The temperature is perfect! Congratulations on the award!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

  2. I love The MaddAddam Trilogy too! I really want to reread the last book in the trilogy but book blogging gives me no time for rereads.

    Thanks for answering my questions!