Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Sunday Post #268


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The Sunday Post #268





On The Blog Last Week






On The Blog This Week


  • Um . . . I accidentally deleted this week’s blog post. That’s what happens when I’m tired and have too many unfinished drafts of posts sitting around. Oops. Have you ever accidentally deleted something important? Please make me feel better about my stupidity.





In My Reading Life


I finally finished Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King! Even though Stephen King books are unnecessarily massive, I usually finish them quickly. That was not the case with this one. It’s 702 pages and took me two weeks to read because the pacing is soooo slooooow. The book is about a plague where women’s bodies spin cocoons while they sleep. If someone removes the cocoon, the woman goes on a murder spree. The men are left alone in the world, wondering what to do with all these cocooned women. The book starts off great. The premise is attention-grabbing, and there’s a ton of suspense as the pandemic spreads and people struggle to stay awake. Toward the middle, I got bored. The book has too many characters and not enough world building. The point-of-view switches disrupt the action. Also, if half the world’s population spun itself into cocoons over the course of a few days, life would change drastically for the un-cocooned people. Instead of showing the changes, the authors give the reader a somewhat heavy-handed message about sexism. I would rather see the changes and work out the message for myself. I badly wanted more world building!

This isn’t my favorite Stephen King book, but it’s another one I can check off my list. Someday, I’ll get through all his work.

Right now, I’m reading At The Wolf’s Table by Rosella Postorino. It’s based on the true story of Hitler’s cooks and food tasters. Not much has happened so far, but I’m interested to see where it’s going.



In The Rest Of My Life


Five things that made me happy last week:


  1. Pizza!
  2. Decorating Easter eggs with baby Brooklyn. I think more stickers ended up on me than on the eggs.
  3. Easter candy. I hope it lasts long enough for the bunny to put it into the eggs. We might need more candy . . .
  4. I love my new smartwatch! It keeps track of my half-marathon training plan. I don’t have to memorize things or dig out my phone while I'm running to see how slow I’m moving. Running is easier when the important stuff is on my wrist.
  5. I somehow fell down a YouTube rabbit hole and ended up learning about scam baiting. You know those emails you get from Nigerian princes or fake computer companies? Most people just delete the emails and forget about them. Scam baiters call the number on the email and mess with the scammers while livestreaming their conversation on Twitch or YouTube. It’s amusing. This is the most recent video I watched. The scam baiter gets into the scammer’s computer and steals the files he keeps about his victims. The baiter calls the victims at the end of the video and tells them they’ve been scammed.





I Share Candy With My Friends


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Take care of yourselves and be kind to each other. See you around the blogosphere!


  1. HI AJ! Okay! I'm your friend and I'll take candy any day. Candy coated chocolate eggs are my favorite. My husband jokes and says I'm a real Easter Bunny this time of the year. I just want to eat chocolates.

    Aaah, sorry to hear you were disappointed with Sleeping Beauties. I still need to read it. Maybe I'll give it a skip.

    I loved your Top Ten Tuesday Post this week! I even gave it a honorable mention on my Sunday Post!

    Have a good week and enjoy all that candy!

    Elza Reads

  2. Don't worry ! I accidentally deleted a whole file from my work's computer (nothing major, but still), so you see, it happens ;) Nobody died, nobody was even mad at me - I'm lucky. At the wolf's table reminds me of a novel by Rosella Postorino, The women at Hitler's table, which was a pretty big success in France. Enjoy your week-end !

  3. Mmm, Easter candy and pizza! Yum! One time I almost deleted our entire database at work. We had to get the IT guy to come in and fix what I did. Thankfully, he was able to!

  4. I have never considered calling any of those numbers, but am glad there are some people out there harassing those who harass us. I am a mad deleter, and often struggle to re-find things I wish I had not deleted. Enjoy the candy and the watch!

  5. I coolly offered to polish up our book club's database of books read, and, after 784 million hours of work, I have now (apparently) accidentally deleted it four times. Sigh.

    I'm obsessed with those little Cadbury mini-eggs. Guess what wasn't available this week from curbside? I should look on this as a blessing, I think.

    I've contemplated a smartwatch. I'm afraid it might be overload for me, though.

    Have a great week!

  6. I’ve deleted a review more than once, actually I did it this past week while arguing with the new Blocks mess, thank good for the post revision record so I could bring it back. I have actually already bought Easter Eggs, usually I make a dash to the shops last minute and there are slim pickings left :)

    Wishing you a great reading week

  7. You just reminded me that I need to go buy some Easter candy 👀 Lol. YouTube rabbit holes are always such an interesting experience because most of the time you don't even know how you get there. But it's always great when you end up learning something from it!

    Have a great week! 😊

  8. I've def. deleted things in the past and ended up recreating them from memory (back before the Depression f**ked up my memory, that is.) There's usually a much higher likelihood that I'll push publish on a bearly (barely? I dunno,) outlined post *face palms*

  9. The question is what kind of candy? I'm really picky. I like Reese's Peanut butter eggs, milk duds and orange jelly beans. The eggs are like the last frontier until pumpkins, trees and hearts next winter.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  10. Scammers. What a nuisance! I could totally see getting into watching people screw around with them.

  11. Pizza, oh yeah! Deleted your post?!? Now, time for something sweet to eat!

  12. I have never heard about scam baiting. Interesting! LOL Yay for egg decorating with Brooklyn.


  13. Oh my gosh yes I've done that. I deleted a blog post once by accident that I had spent like an hour on and I about screamed. Ugh........

    The cocoon thing is interesting. Reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (oh my gosh the 1978 version is a FREAK OUT).

    Pizza is always a win.

  14. I can't even tell you how many times I've deleted posts. So frustrating!

  15. Yikes the Stephen King book sounds scary. Not for me. Enjoy Easter and all that decorating of eggs sounds fun.

  16. I've absolutely deleted something important. I spent ages on an "Autumn Tag" post last, well Autumn, and deleted the bloody thing - accidentally - about two days after it was posted... I could have cried but I just sat there pretending it was all fine until it almost became fine, lol. You are not alone!

    I'm enjoying the Easter chocolate. This coming week is going to rock in chocolatey goodness! (And then I'm going to need to be rolled out of my house...)

    Hope you have a good week!

  17. A cocoon sounds peaceful. Probably not the message the book intended. LOL Thanks for reminding me - we still need to boil and color eggs! Enjoy your week :)

  18. Computer scammers make me nervous! I got scammed from some twisted people who pretended to be a computer software company, eager to fix my computer, after they had installed something to make it crash! Luckily, I somehow got out of it without too much damage. This was a few years ago before we had all these alerts about the ways scammers trick us. Sigh.

    Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  19. LOL! I am dying at that first picture haha xD
    Damn.. kinda sucks to hear about the Stephen King book.. I've been thinking of giving it a try but I think I'll hold off for a bit now.
    I keep forgetting everyone's Easter is coming up! I am actually Greek Orthodox so my Easter usually falls on a different weekend (this year it's really late, the first weekend in May!)
    Have a great week :)

  20. I wandered down the Easter candy aisle last time I was at the grocery store but didn't see any Cadbury eggs and so left the aisle empty handed. Congrats on finishing that Stephen King monster. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  21. My sweet tooth loves Easter. Chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs, yum! My waistline isn't so sure LOL!

    Yes, I have deleted something important. It happens to all of us eventually. Back up everything, early and often...

    and have a great week!

  22. I usually listen to Stephen King books on audio. Sleeping Beauties was the only one I have ever DNF'd. I got bored in the middle, too, where he just seemed to be getting bogged down with extraneous details. I think he often includes extraneous details, but in this one, they just weren't interesting. I can't remember now, but something irked me about the story, too.
    I have definitely deleted important files off of the computer by mistake or forgetting to hit save. I'm also very good at throwing away things that eventually become collector's items and keeping things that are never anything but old junk!

  23. Well my day is planned with the Scam Bait videos. I fell down a rabbit hole on Anti-MLM (multi-level marketing) a few months ago and that kept me entertained for months but I need something else. I love Easter candy. It may be my favorite holiday of the year for the candy alone. Have a great week!

  24. I can't buy holiday candy until the day before I need it or well, I will be buying it the day before even if I prepare in advance because we can't resist eating it in my house! I bet it was fun decorating eggs with Brooklyn. I once deleted a college paper the night before it was due and had to rewrite the whole thing. I was using a word processor (pre-computer days - yes, I am old!) and pushed the wrong button. It still makes me want to cry. Have a great week!

  25. I kind of avoid King now as I haven't enjoyed any that I've read since about the time of Cell! I can't deal with slow books now!

  26. I can't believe Easter is this weekend, I wish Aria was big enough to appreciate decorating.

  27. You are definitely not alone when it comes to sometimes deleting important things. I do it more often than I even want to think about. That's fascinating about the Scam baiters. I'm thrilled to hear there's someone out there scamming the scammers, lol.