Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Want To Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is top ten authors I really want to meet.

Okay, confession time: There are no authors who I really want to meet. I rarely go to book signings or other author events because I’m more interested in the book than in the person who wrote it. I also might have a heart attack if I had to speak to an author whose work I love. So if I had to meet some authors, these are the ones I’d risk a heart attack for:

1. J.K. Rowling: She’s going to be on everybody’s list, right? Harry Potter changed the bookish world. Who wouldn’t want to meet one of the most successful authors ever?

2. Stephen King: I’d want to thank him for existing. His books gave me my love of reading. You probably wouldn’t be looking at this blog right now if Stephen King didn’t exist.

3. Gary Paulsen: He was my favorite author when I was a kid. I still have a bunch of his books that I got in elementary school.

4. Margaret Atwood: If you read this blog regularly, you know about my love for her work. I only talk about it in every single post.

5. John Green: He does so many things in addition to writing books. I want to know how he does everything without going crazy.

6. V.E. Schwab: She’s very young to be such a successful author. I’m curious about how she got started.

7. Maureen Johnson: I follow her on Twitter. She’s . . . um . . . unusual.

8. Rainbow Rowell: I love the characters she creates. She’s one of my favorite authors.

9. Lois Lowry: She’s been writing amazing YA lit for so long that I could learn a lot from her.

10. Edgar Allan Poe: Okay, I understand that he’s dead, but I couldn’t come up with a tenth one, and how awesome would it be to meet Edgar Allan Poe? (Even if he’s a zombie who rose from the dead.)


  1. JK Rowling would be an amazing author to meet! I'd love to meet her one day!

    Lizzie @ lizziethesarcasticblonde.blogspot.com

  2. Oh JK Rowling would be a fantastic to meet...I hear she is so nice.

  3. Totally agree with Rainbow Rowell. I forgot about John Green but you are right he does so much! Great list!

  4. JKR and VE Schwab totally made my list too, even if I did meet Schwab a few years back - I hadn't read any of her books at the time so I want to meet her again now that I have :) And YES to zombie Poe!! Rainbow Rowell and Lois Lowry are excellent choices too^^ I hope you get to meet all of these authors someday! xx

  5. I suspect that if anyone would make a good zombie, it's Edgar Allan Poe (and he'd make a GREAT zombie). Anyway, I love your list - I also loved Gary Paulsen a lot as a teen (we're re-reading and discussing Hatchet this month at The Midnight Garden if you want to join) - though as an adult, I feel bad that Brian never gets a break from fighting to survive in the woods.

    Margaret Atwood is the greatest. I've heard her speak a few times and she's phenomenal. (I don't know that I would want to meet her and shake her hand or anything, but I love listening to her speak.)

  6. I hope you can meet Rainbow. She is sooo nice. I agree that most people would want to meet J.K. Rowling.

  7. I would like to meet Zombie Poe. I had him and Bram Stoker on my list so I figured I would have to have a seance. Of course, considering the rest of my list, a seance might just be possible. I enjoyed reading your list.

  8. Great list! And a fellow Colorado blogger. :) Awesome!

    JK and Rainbow made my list. Stephen King would have too, but I felt like he had been on every list I've made recently so I left him off. (JK too, but I couldn't leave her off this one!)


  9. Gary Paulsen and Lois Lowry! Wish I'd thought of those two ;) I've seen Margaret Atwood on so many lists, I really need to move her higher on my TBR pile.

  10. I can affirm that most people would want to meet JK Rowling, she was on my list too, as well as almost all the blogs I've read today!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/top-ten-tuesday-4/

  11. I hope you get to meet Rainbow one day! I love her!

  12. Really great list of people! I have a few of the same on their but I would totally love to meet Stephen King and Poe. Also I think Poe would be thrilled if he became a zombie. I am surprise that isn't some sort of really yet! Oh Lois Lowry! I would love to meet her. The Giver was so amazing and I would love to talk to her about it.

  13. Rowling, definitely. And John Green would be fun to meet as well. I like your list - and I love the comment about Poe as a zombie. I'd been thinking more along the lines of meeting dead authors in heaven, or something - but a zombie is so very Poe-ish!

  14. I would like to meet John Green and Rainbow Rowell too. I have really enjoyed both of their work.

    Love the line "I only talk about it in every single post" hahahhaha. Great job, AJ!

  15. I admire your honesty. And yes, although I do love the book I am someone who would like to be an author myself at some point so I really can appreciate the people who have written the books as well. Personally I would love to meet Stephen King (after reading his book On Writing) and his wife as well if possible because she sounds so cool. Meeting Margaret Atwood as well would be cool.