Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Sunday Post #270


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The Sunday Post #270





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In My Reading Life


Last week, I finished 3 books, and they were all excellent!

First, I read Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. I needed a book that would help me escape from life, and this one was perfect! It’s exactly what I needed. It’s fast-paced, unique, and funny. Cemetery Boys is young adult paranormal fiction about a teenage boy who wants to be a brujo and summon the dead. His family won’t let him become a brujo, so of course he does the ceremony behind their backs and accidentally summons the ghost of his school’s recently murdered bad boy. Chaos ensues. There’s a sweet love story and a compelling murder mystery. It’s all very entertaining. I loved it. If I was forced to complain about something, it would be the writing. It’s kind of repetitive. The author has a few favorite phrases that he uses over and over. Don’t let that stop you from reading the book! It’s fun. I’ll definitely pick up Aiden Thomas’s other novel.

Then I read The Good People by Hannah Kent. This book is very different from Cemetery Boys. I love Hannah Kent’s writing style because it’s atmospheric and descriptive. Her other book, Burial Rites, is one of my all-time-favorite historical fiction books. The Good People is about a village in 1800s Ireland. The villagers believe that fairies have kidnapped a child and replaced him with a changeling. The author really brings the setting to life. I’ve never been to Ireland or the 1800s, but I could picture every detail. The main characters and their conflicts are extremely lifelike. The book is about the collision between science, Christianity, and old superstitions. The villagers have different ideas about what to do with the fairy changeling. It’s a fascinating and heartbreaking dilemma. My only complaint about the book is the side characters. I kept getting them confused because there are a lot of them, and they aren’t developed enough to be memorable. It’s still a really good book! I highly recommend it if you like historical fiction.

I ended the week with a middlegrade novel, Tunnel Of Bones by Victoria Schwab. This is the second book in the Cassidy Blake series. If I’d read this series as a 13-year-old, I would have been obsessed with it. It’s about a family of ghost hunters who are filming a paranormal reality TV show. Each book takes place in a different city. Tunnel Of Bones is set in Paris. I would have loved this series as a kid because it’s fast-paced and spooky. There’s travel and adventure and mysteries and monsters. As an adult reader, I have a few issues with the novel. The plot of this book is very similar to the plot of the first book. They’re slightly different versions of the same basic story. A monster is terrorizing a city; only Cassidy and her friends can stop it. The characters do get more development in the second book, but it’s not enough. I was hoping for a different plot and more world building. Despite my whining, I will be reading the third book. I’m invested in Cassidy’s adventures now.

Currently, I’m reading Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss. The author is a former hostage negotiator. The book is interesting so far. It’s teaching me how to talk to strangers. I badly need that skill.



In The Rest Of My Life


Five things that made me happy recently:


  1. I won a book giveaway! That’s 2 giveaway wins in less than a month. I must be lucky right now.
  2. I survived my first two weeks back at full time work. I work at a state park. In my first week, I got cussed at and flipped off by several unhappy campers. I dealt with long lines and broken equipment. A dog attacked a cyclist, and then the cyclist attacked the dog’s owner. A homeless woman experienced some highly confusing mental health issues. I froze in a snowstorm. I helped settle a few domestic squabbles. I could keep listing problems, but you get the idea. This job is difficult. If you’re visiting a park this summer, please be kind to the rangers and staff! We’re doing our best to keep everybody alive and happy in the wilderness.
  3. I watched The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel on Netflix. No one told me how creepy this show is! It’s true crime about a woman who disappeared at a gross hotel. It’s really interesting. Please recommend similar shows.
  4. I ate pierogis. I love those things. They’re one of my favorite foods, but I hardly ever eat them because of the calories.
  5. I managed to keep up my daily yoga routine. I've done yoga every single day since February 1, 2020. I thought my work schedule might screw up my yoga, but it hasn't so far.





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Take care of yourselves and be kind to each other. See you around the blogosphere!


  1. Yikes to your work experiences! Kindness is always better. I also read Tunnel of Bones and will be reading the next book too. It's on hold at my library, but the que is very long. Great job with daily yoga! I hope this week is much better for you.

  2. Oh my goodness - well it certainly isn't a boring job! I think you will definitely find bringing your new negotiating skills to some of situations will be beneficial. I'm going to hunt this book down - I used to be quite nifty at being persuasive and charming in the flesh, but I've completely lost the knack:)). I hope the coming week isn't TOO challenging and you find your books enjoyable, AJ.

  3. I had no idea work in a park was so challenging, I hope not all weeks are so rough.
    I love pierogis, I had considered making some this week, but I’m making cheeseburger puffs instead.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  4. I recently read a cozy series that features a park ranger. :-) I hope people are better behaved as the season moves forward. Sounds like yoga may be key to you balancing out that work stress. Tunnel of Bones sounds fun, I too would have *loved* it as a middle grader. Have a good week!

  5. I've heard good things about Cemetery Boys, so I'm glad to see you liked it, too.

    I thought Burial Rites was incredibly well-written. The Good People sounds like it was a tad disappointing. I may pass.

    Good grief! My naturalist friends certainly aren't behaving well in your state. Maybe they have been cooped up too long and have forgotten their social skills. Yes, let's be kind, people.

  6. Well, you had a tough two weeks at work. It really was a case of survival. Yeesh! Congrats on the win. What did you win? My grandfather was Polish, so I was raised on pierogis. We found a place in the next town, where these two old ladies sit and make them by hand all day. It's a tiny storefront and they only accept cash. Some the best pierogis I have ever had.

  7. I have enjoyed every book I have read by Victoria Schwab. I haven't read that series though. The weather is gorgeous here and hopefully you will warm up there too. I love pierogis but have not had them for years of being gluten free. I have slowly found other things but I have not found GF pierogis yet.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  8. Lol at that first graphic. Oh my gosh right? And this. "A dog attacked a cyclist, and then the cyclist attacked the dog’s owner." Um, wow?

    The hostage negotiaton book sounds interesting. that seems like a timely read in dealing with people these days lol.

  9. I don't know why people have to behave like such jerks. Sorry you have to deal with them.

    Ohmygosh wasn't the Cecil Hotel docuseries creepy???? Loved it. But of course I feel so sad about that girl.

    Congrats on the book giveaways!

  10. I had no idea what it was like to work in a state park! I am always friendly, but will now make even more of an effort to be supportive as well.

  11. A friend of mine's daughter loves Schwab's books and I think mine would like her Cassidy Blake series and they sounds like books my own daughter would enjoy. I am glad you enjoyed Cemetery Boys. I look forward to reading that one someday.

    It sounds like you had quite a welcome back to work! I am glad you survived the first two weeks back.

    I hope you have a great week, A.J.

  12. Mmm, pierogis - so yummy! They can be such a good treat once in awhile!

  13. Love your comment about social media.

  14. Wow that is quite a week at work! It always amazes me how awful people can be to other people. Glad you had some book wins and pierogis. I'm not 100% sure I've ever had pierogis. I feel like I have but it was so long ago that it doesn't count. I need to fix that. Yay for yoga! I've been doing yoga every day since March 1st and am feeling very proud of me. I haven't been able to follow Adriene's monthly calendar to the letter (except for this past week which was delightful) but I'm getting better every day and I feel so much better. Have a great week!

  15. I was about to say "Yay! Glad you made it through the first week of work" then I read what you dealt with and it's more like "Damn, I'm glad you made it through the first week of work" lol

  16. Wow, I had to smile that your horrific work day was listed under your Happy Things.

    I love that languishing woman on the couch during a

    I am now curious about Cemetery Boys, although I don't like repetitive writing. I guess there is much to recommend it, however.

    I really need to read some Hannah Kent.

    Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  17. Your job adventures make me really glad that I'm retired. I'm also a fan of pierogis. You did read some interesting books last week. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  18. Ugh, sorry about all the craziness at work. But yay for surviving full time! Congrats on winning another book giveaway - it's always so exciting.


  19. For a while, I was basically doing social work with individuals with developmental disabilities. It sounds like you are basically doing social work too! It is exhausting work! It sounds like you really read some great books this week! I have been curious about Cemetery Boys and the Cassidy Blake series.

  20. That meme made me laugh so much!

  21. On my goodness what an awful time back at work! I hope ppl start behaving properly at your work.

  22. Your job sounds eventful! Glad to hear you survived your first couple of weeks back!