Thursday, July 21, 2016

Diverse Books Tag

I’m pretty sure that this tag was started by Naz @ Read Diverse Books. 

The Diverse Books Tag

1. A book starring a lesbian character.

Jeanette is raised to be a Christian missionary, but that plan goes awry when she becomes a teenager and falls in love with a girl.

2. A book with a Muslim protagonist.

The narrator isn’t Muslim, but his friend, Hassan, is. They go on a ridiculous road trip together. I think Hassan breaks a lot of the stereotypes that Americans have about Muslims. Also, he’s hilarious.

3. A book set in Latin America.

I’m a dystopia junkie, and this is one of my favorites. It’s set in future Mexico and features Mexican characters.

4. A book about a person with a disability.

The narrator has cerebral palsy and is convinced that his father is trying to kill him.

5. A sci-fi/fantasy book with a POC protagonist.

Honestly, Susannah Dean is one of the most irritating fictional people I’ve ever encountered. She is a very unusual fantasy series hero, though. She’s an African-American woman with no legs and multiple personalities.

6. A book set in (or about) any country in Africa.

This one is set in South Africa and Botswana during apartheid.

7. A book written by an indigenous or native author.

This question made me realize that I don’t pay much attention to the racial background of the authors I read. I feel like this book is everybody’s go-to answer. I may need to broaden my horizons.

8. A book set in South Asia.

Some of the stories are set in India.

9. A book with a biracial protagonist.

I’m not sure if this one counts, but it’s one of my favorite childhood novels. I don’t remember if it explicitly states Sal’s ethnicity. Sal mentions that her grandmother, who is at least part Native American, defies cultural conventions by not giving Sal’s mother a “white” name. Sal’s parents attempt to continue the tradition by giving Sal a Native American name.

10. A book starring a transgender character or about transgender issues.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book starring a transgender character, but another of my childhood (actually, teenage) favorites deals with gender issues. Lani’s gender is unknown to the book’s narrator, even though Lani is her best friend.

If you’ve done this tag, leave a link in the comments so I can see your answers.


  1. This is a great tag. It totally makes me realize I need to try and pick up some more diverse books. I do read some but not enough. Also I totally don't pay attention to the background of the authors I read at all.

  2. Wow this tag is really awesome. I don't know any if these books and yet I do know some of the authors. This just makes me see that I don't read diverse books at all, and I totally should!
    Lovely tag, really ^^

    "Book Addict"

  3. This tag is FABULOUS. I need to read the dystopian set in Mexico like, immediately! Same as you, I don't really pay attention to the author's background unless I have read multiple books by them, or are familiar with them from social media or something, so that's something I should familiarize myself with too! These books sound really amazing, I have some looking up to do on Goodreads (for the ones I didn't know already, anyway!) I should do this tag someday, it is really wonderful!