Sunday, August 22, 2021

The Sunday Post #277


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The Sunday Post #277

On The Blog Recently

In My Reading Life

I've spent most of August reading giant books, so I don't have much to report. I finished Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. Was this book written by a 14-year-old? It has ass aliens and 600 pages of dudes farting in the woods. I'm ashamed to admit I enjoyed it immensely. It even gave me nightmares, which is a good thing with a horror book. This is a fairly standard alien invasion story. There are alien pregnancies, secretive military guys, lots of guts and guns. There's a magic man with Down syndrome because apparently the Magic Negro who usually saves the day in King novels is on vacation or something. I'm not sure what to say about this book. Is it a work of literary genius? No. But, it's brilliant in the way that cheesy horror movies are brilliant. They help you escape from life and make you smile and cringe and wonder how people come up with this disgusting stuff. It's just fun. If you enjoyed The Stand, IT, or The Tommyknockers, you'll like this novel. It has similar themes to King's other famous books.

Then I listened to another giant book. It was Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I read this story in book form several years ago and loved it. It stars Kady and Ezra, who were in a romantic relationship but broke up right before their their planet was invaded. They are forced onto different rescue ships. When a plague breaks out and the ships’ AI starts malfunctioning, Kady and Ezra have to work together to figure out what is happening. The story is told as a casefile. It includes emails, reports, interviews, IMs, etc. I love the book because it's fast-paced and hilarious. You'll never forget these characters. I decided to check out the audiobook because it's written like a radio play. There are sound effects and a big cast of narrators. If you're searching for a unique audiobook, I recommend this one! It will definitely hold your attention. My only complaint is that it's slightly harder to follow than the actual book. Since there are a ton of characters and nonstop action, I occasionally found myself going, "Um, wait, who are you and why do you exist?"

In The Rest Of My Life

Five things that made me happy recently:

  1. My laptop died, which did not make me happy, but it has given me a chance to learn more about my gaming computer because it's now my EVERYTHING computer.
  2. Playing outside with Baby Brooklyn. She asked about the "green balls" on the neighbor's tree. I told her they were crab apples. Then she plonked herself down under the tree and waited for the crabs to come eat their apples. She's still waiting.
  3. School started last week, which made my job strangely calm. Usually there are 8 billion summer camps happening at the lake where I work. You can't walk into the water without tripping over a random kid. Then, last week, the beach suddenly became a ghost town. It was awesome. I even got a bathroom break on a Friday. The staff usually doesn't get breaks on Fridays, weekends, or holidays.
  4. Speaking of work, my boss has been asking everyone when we want our hours reduced. That means autumn is coming. I'm so excited!
  5. So many new books. Maybe in fall I'll actually have time to read them. Right now I'm just hoarding them.

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  1. I just purchased the audio of Dreamcatchers as the library didn't have the download. It's one of the King novels I haven't read so hope to get to this fall. His new book Billy Summers will be one I read in September.

  2. Your niece is a trip. I love little kids! You know, I let Illuminae fester on my shelf for quite a while (I had a physical ARC from BookCon) because it looked so big and intimidating. Then I finally picked it up, and found out there are pictures and formatting that takes up space but does not equal a lot of words. It's a favorite series of mine, and I heard the audiobooks are excellent.

  3. The crabapple story was adorable! I understand the want to read, it has been so busy around here that my books are probably worried about me.

    Here is my link:

  4. Your niece reminds me of the 750 kids at my primary school. They always made me laugh. Which is good. I tend to take life way too seriously.

    Along those same lines, did I tell you how much I enjoyed your tales from the park? My naturalist friends would love to read these stories. I thought about asking you if we could share some of them in our naturalist newsletter.

    Illuminae sounds great. I like the idea of making a radio play out of it.

    Have a great week, AJ. Autumn is on its way.

  5. Your King review is spot on! I totally agree with you.

    best... mae at

  6. I haven't read Dreamcatcher since it first came out, but I love your thoughts on the age of who wrote it, lol. But I still love his books, or his older ones anyway. I did like Illuminae, need to read on in that series some day. Have a great week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  7. LOL - crab apples. Have a good week ;-)

  8. Hi AJ! Summer camps! Not something we know here in SA, so to me it sounds like fun..!! Poor Baby Brooklyn, or poor us I guess! Wish I could still be that dedicated.

    Love your opening graphic. You should join Wondrous Words Wednesday - then you can use a whole lot of fancy words you read in a book! You will find the link on my blog.

    Have a good week AJ and happy reading!

    Elza Reads

  9. Your description of Dreamcatcher cracked me up! The book is not up my alley, but loved your description.

    I find that when the kids go back to school the library is calmer too. Glad you are getting some peace at your job.

    Have a good week!

  10. Fall is on the way, woohoo. I hope you get a break. Much to read. I'm impressed you read such chunkster books in August! Hope you have a great week.

  11. What no bathroom breaks?? But but I could never stand a whole day without going to the bathroom AJ!! And agreed on the Illuminae audio, this is one of the ebst audiobooks I have listened to!

  12. Aww!! Your niece and the crab apples is adorable!

    The only Stephen King novel I've read is Carrie and while I enjoyed it well enough, I decided that King really isn't for me. I'm glad you enjoyed Dreamcatcher!

  13. It must be such a relief to have things quietening down at work. When I was a classroom teacher, getting to pee during the day was a luxury. That is just not how it's supposed to be!

  14. Clicked your link and read all the hilarious thins people coming into your park have to say. Makes me wonder what kind of dumb stuff has come out of my mouth. lol

    That is so cute about the little girl waiting for the crabs to come get their apples!

  15. Crab apples make good jelly (not jam), maybe when she is older. I am excited for cooler temps in fall so I can do more walking and yard work. More reading is great too.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  16. Your niece is hilarious! The things kids say...

    The Dreamcatcher is probably not on my list...I read It and while I enjoyed the overall plot and characters and it was scary! It was too loooong. lol.

    I tried Amie Kaufman's series a few years ago but the library needed their copy back and I never got around to putting it on hold again. So this reminds me I need to do that!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and that you can soon read all the books!

  17. I'm actually happy fall is coming too, just because. I love summer but I'm kind of over it. Fall seems nice.

    That's cute about the aples. :)

    Hope your week is nice.

  18. Oh, Brooklyn! I love that little kids are so literal.

  19. I want to see the crabs come eat their apples! :)

  20. Lol at Baby Brooklyn still waiting. Aww.

  21. I love the audiobooks of the Illuminae Files. All the sound effects just really add to it.

  22. I saw the movie based on Dreamcatcher in the theaters ages ago and the only thing I remember about it was that it was in the woods and really weird! I worked at a museum for a few years and I remember that change from summer to fall. Definitely gets a lot quieter! Love that about Brooklyn and the crab apples. Too cute! Have a great week!

  23. Brooklyn and the crab apples! I love it.
    Ugh, not having breaks at your job sounds rough, but yay for Autumn coming soon with less hours and more time to read!


  24. ... ass aliens? Lol glad it was a fun book. I've never been interested in Illuminae before, but your description actually makes me a bit interested.