Friday, September 6, 2013

A Half-Assed Post Made Of Awesome

I planned on writing something well-thought-out and insightful this week, but I got too overwhelmed with other stuff, so that didn’t happen.  Instead, I’m just going to post some Vlogbrothers videos because John Green is awesome.  If you don’t know who John Green is, please click the blue words.  Then, buy all of his books.  He’s one of the most brilliant YA authors of modern time.  He’s also very good at using social media to find his target audience, connect with them in a meaningful way, and get them to buy books.  If you’re trying to promote your own book, I’d suggest watching a bunch of his videos to see how he does it.  There’s an explanation of the videos’ inside jokes here.  You can find out about the fan community here.


I’m having a hard time getting videos to work on the crappy mobile version of this blog.  If you want to watch the videos below, you’ll probably need a computer.


John talks about his editor at the end of this video.  The manuscript on his head is The Fault In Our Stars, which was published in 2012.  I’ve been looking at a lot of “Best YA Books of Whatever Year” lists lately, and The Fault In Our Stars has made every “Best YA Books of 2012” list that I’ve seen so far.

Looking For Alaska is discussed here:

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